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Mobile Website Builder

Reach more potential customers with our easy to use, intuitive mobile website builder. Create modern, responsive websites that adapt to whatever device your visitor is using so that you can be sure your pages will always look their very best .

Build Unlimited Websites

Easy WYSIWYG CMS editor. Like a simple version of Wordpress but for your mobile pages. Write, edit, format, add custom HTML and customize each of your pages with images and colors.

One click to change save and instantly update your webpage..

Includes options to customize navigation menu titles, icon, and the animation type. A perfect site builder!

Offer your users everything they need to make mobile websites in an easy-to-use content editor control panel. Drag and drop pages in the dashboard to rearrange pages in the CMS. Create new pages or edit them with simple self-explained sections. Help is never more than a click away. Also you can preview your mobile site in the dashboard.


Color themes

Contact forms



RSS feeds

Facebook / Twitter

About Us


Instant Email

Header and Footers

And More features in the site builder

Social Poster

This app enables you to post status in multiple facebook, linkedin and twitter accounts. It also enables publish RSS Feed to your connected social networks. It will save time by posting multiple facebook, linkedin and twitter accounts at a time. It has a powerful Scheduler that helps you to make schedule post. We also facilitate you with bitly shorten url service so your tweets can easily be fit within twitter 140 character limit. You can also monitor social engagement such as facebook likes, comments and twitter retweets, favourites of your posts through Publisher.


Post to multiple facebook accounts, facebook pages and facebook Groups

Post to multiple linkedin accounts

Post to multiple twitter accounts

Easy to install

Powerful Schedular with unlimited days in future

Powerful RSS publisher for all social accounts

Bitly as shorten url service

Manage multiple users

Multilingual Support

1x2 Marketing Suite: The Page Builder

Easy to Use, High Quality Page Building Software

Create sales pages, affiliate promo pages, download pages, Webinar replay pages, registration pages, squeeze pages, video sales pages, many more!

Our page builder gives you everything you need to create a complete high quality, high converting marketing funnel from beginning to end with ease.

Create Beautiful Pages From Scratch With “Click, Drag & Drop” Ease.

Click, drag and drop any element (.jpg, .gif, buy now button, sign up form, video, etc.) exactly where you want it on the page and you’re set.

Use one of our 50 (& growing) + sleek done-for-you templates.

Of course, you can customize any part of your page. Just click the component you want to customize and boom!

Desktop and mobile formats with RESPONSIVE on-screen previews. Web-based so there’s nothing to install and you can access it from ANYWHERE.

Conversion Boosting Tools Help You Sell More and Track Progress

Countdown timers, social sharing widgets and capability, surveys, lead capture, exit pop-ups, help you turn more visitors into customers.

Hosting For All The Pages You Create Within 1x2 Marketing Suite

You’re welcome to host your pages here with us!


The option to host your pages on 1x2 Marketing Suite or on any other domain that you might prefer. Yes, you can take your content anywhere you choose!

Seamless Dashboard With Built-In Analytical Tools.

Easy A/B split testing built right in. Add your links and track your clicks on every page. Intuitive dashboard makes it easy to identify strengths and weaknesses in your funnel.

Duplicate and tweak your winning funnels with a few simple keystrokes. Easily drag and drop pages to different parts of your funnel. Copy your converting pages into other funnels.

1x2 Marketing Suite Advanced: Affiliate Platform

Sell your products inside the 1x2 Marketing Suite affiliate platform. This is the most groundbreaking part of 1x2 Marketing Suite.

Personalized Affiliate Management System so you can get paid and pay your affiliates.

Create, Maintain and Deliver Inventory of Digital and Physical information products.

Built In Copywriting Software

Choose from our diverse sales copy library, spanning a large variety of topics, you are sure to find inspiration and content for your pages. Just select the part of the page that needs content, click to access the library, choose your content and it will drop right in your page. Our Copywriting software makes it easy to write compelling, converting sales copy.

Dynamic Funneling

You already have drag and drop page builder. Save even more time with easy drag and drop funnels. Move any page in the funnel to another spot with just one click. Move around pieces of your funnel, tweak various components and save hours of your valuable time compared to traditional funnel creation.

Easily test and track results at a glance, allowing you to focus on the important work of growing your business.

1-Click Funnel Sharing

When you have a funnel that works, you can share the entire funnel with your affiliates by using our share code feature.

Share or import/export your entire funnel by just copying a simple code made available to you after creating your funnel. You can also use this to sell your high converting funnels to other marketers.

Instant Affiliate Payments

Invite affiliates to apply for your product launch, each affiliate request shows you the history of that affiliate for you to review.

After you select and approve the very best affiliates for your products and funnels you can choose to enable instant commission payments. Adaptive payments allow your affiliates to get paid instantly after each sale.

Choose The Plan That's Right For You



One Time

Easy Social Poster

Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

RSS Publisher

Mobile Website Builder

Add and Manage Forms



One Time

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Sleek, Modern Templates

Easy Integrations

Built In Image Editor

Copywriting Library

Custom Domains Feature

Executive Director


One Time

Funnel Builder

Share Codes and Import

Add Your Products

Create Coupons

Invite Affiliates

Adaptive Payments

For More Information Please Contact One of Our Sales Representatives

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